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Here's What You Can Expect When You Work With us

  • Easy Escrow Process

    We use Fidelity Title & Escrow. After we come to an agreement on price & closing time, our escrow company will be in touch with you to go over & provide you with the escrow documents for you to sign & complete.

  • Clear Terms

    We are a professional real estate investment company and do not place any hidden terms or fine print in our agreement documents. Everything we provide you is clear. If you have any questions please contact us right away at 951-331-3844. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Simple Solution

    Overall we are a very simple solution to home owners or landlords who just need to sell quickly & be done with the home. No matter your situation we can provide you a fast & simple solution.


  • Close When You Need

    Our closing time isn’t a long or drawn out process. We work with an experienced title company that will work with us to ensure a speed close if needed. We can also close on your time-frame & whenever is best for you.

  • We Handle All Paperwork

    You’ll be provided with agreement docs and closing docs from our escrow company to read through, sign & return. You won’t be required to pay for any of these documents as we will pay for them for you. Simply sign & return the provided documents at your convenience.

  • Stress Free Transaction

    We work hard to ensure the sales process goes as smoothy as possible for sellers. We’ve worked with over 300+ happy sellers who’ve all had a great experience working with us. You can click here to check out some of their testimonials.

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Start Here to Request an Offer on Your Ventura Property

If you’re having a hard time finding a buyer, we’d love to help you. Contact us with information about your property, and we’ll be able to prepare you a quick cash offer on your property.

You can also call us directly at 951-331-3844 to speak with us now and learn more about us and our home buying process.

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Ventura County’s predictable real estate market tends to move with the seasons, experiencing its highs and lows throughout the year. Though the market is healthy, not all homeowners are able to sell their home on the traditional market due to the desires of buyers and the market’s little quirks.

Here's How Ventura's Real Estate Market is Looking

Ventura County’s real estate market is healthy, and at a somewhat neutral stance. Buyers and sellers have equal advantages, and the sale process is very balanced. The average listing time is about 70 days, with 16% of homes ultimately selling at a price cut, and 15% of homes selling for below their previous sale price.

The market has been something of a bumpy road across the past few years, waxing and waning with low dip of inactivity and high peaks of resumed activity. It isn’t constantly productive, but it always rebounds.

Homes in Ventura tend to sell best at the beginning of the calendar year, and stability fades out as winter approaches. Ventura is mostly a seasonal market, following patterns opposite those seen in typical snowbird destinations.

It’s not uncommon to have difficulty selling a home fast in winter or early spring, with things picking up in the summer and fall seasons.

You’re most likely to find a buyer during the county’s busy real estate window.

With average listing times below 90 days, most homeowners list right before the start of spring in order to complete their sale before the next year. If your home isn’t selling during the busy seasons, this is a sign that buyers may not be interested in what you have to offer.

What if You're Not Able to Sell Your Home as Fast as You Need?

If you don’t have time to wait or you’ve already listed twice, you need to observe the sale situation with a critical eye to determine why things aren’t working. If you’re expecting to fetch the area’s average for your home and buyers scoff, it’s because other properties selling for the same price are better.

Maybe they’ve been updated in the past five years. Maybe your home has some structural defects that make it unappealing. Buyers aren’t going to choose a home that needs work when a home in great condition is going for the same price.

If you don't have time to deal with repairs, this is where services like our are ideal. With us, you can absolutely sell your home in its current condition.

Why Sell to an All cash Buyer?

We're willing to buy homes of any age, at any shape, at every time of year. We don’t purchase seasonally, and are never bothered by the same things that traditional buyers concern themselves with. When you work with us you don’t have to wait around. We are more than willing to purchase homes that seem virtually impossible to sell. It doesn’t matter if your home is damaged or what your selling situation is – we’re still interested in taking it off your hands at a fair price.

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Communities We Service in Ventura

Camarillo, Moorpark, Oxnard,  Santa Paula, Thousand Oaks, Fillmore, Ojai, Newbury Park, Santa Susana, La Conchita, Bell Canyon, Port Hueneme, Simi Valley and Ventura.

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