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Need a reliable way of selling your Needles property?

We understand how overwhelming and stressful the prospect of selling a house in Needles can be. At Southern California Home Buyers, we know that things get rough sometimes. We have over a decade of experience helping homeowners just like you.

We’re a family owned business, that have been helping home owners for over 10 years sell unwanted property. If you feel like you’re stuck and have nowhere else to turn, we’re here to help you turn a bad situation into a good one.


We Live and Work in Southern California

We’re located in Murrieta. We’re not a national company that swoops in and buys properties all over the country. Our community and the people who live in it are very important to us.

We’re about four hours away from Needles via I-40 west, but don’t worry if you can’t make the drive. We’re willing to go anywhere in Southern California to meet with you, and we want to shake your hand personally when we come out to see you & your property.

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The Startling Reality of the Real Estate Market in Needles

If you live in Needles, you probably don’t need to be told how cruel the real estate market can be. The collapse hit the area hard, and nothing really got fixed.

Values fell, and they largely stayed down. Every time a little bit of growth happens, things tend to slow back down again. It’s hard for the market to catch up to itself.

Homes in Needles aren’t worth very much due to this slow growth and terrifyingly low level of market health. Most properties in Needles list for less than $110,000, and it doesn’t matter how low this price is.

It’s one of the least healthy markets in all of Southern California, and many homeowners feel the urgent desperation to get out of the area.

The Shockingly High Foreclosure Rate Impacting Needles

Foreclosures are at nearly unheard of highs. While one in every 5,000 homes in the United States will face foreclosure, eight in every 5,000 homes in Needles will see the same fate.

The foreclosure rates are eight times higher, and this has put many property owners in a panic. The economy in the area isn’t good, and the extreme lack of growth makes it hard for homeowners to keep their heads above water.

Southern California Home Buyers knows firsthand exactly what’s going on in Needles. Lenders are in turmoil, as well. We can purchase your house before your foreclosure is concluded, and help you prevent carrying the mark of foreclosure on your credit report.

Since foreclosures are so common in the area, lenders may be willing to grant affected homeowners short sales. If this is the case, we can help you work with your lender and prepare an acceptable offer.

The most important thing to remember during a foreclosure is that time is of the essence. You need to start acting immediately if you want to avoid foreclosure. Call us as soon as you receive your notice, and we’ll be able to help you from the beginning. You won’t owe your lender any money, and you’ll be able to rebuild your financial future a lot faster.

Needles Market Overview
Needles Market Values

How We Differ From Realtors

  • We’ll Buy Any Kind of Property

    Some home investment companies are picky. We aren’t. Every property is a property to us.  Whether you home is new or old, we will still buy it. We also buy condos, commercial projects, mobile homes and even land. We’re very open minded. If your property is unconventional, give us a call. It’s more likely than not that we’ll still be willing to buy it.

  • The Condition of Your Home Doesn’t Matter

    We’re aware that a lot of houses in Needles are in bad shape. People are struggling, and they often can’t afford to maintain their properties. This makes it hard to find a buyer on the traditional market, but it doesn’t make it hard to work with us. We’ll fix up your house, and we’ll use our own money to do it.

  • You Don’t Need to Call a Realtor

    Realtors can’t make any promises in Needles. The market is too unpredictable for them to be able to guarantee anything. Chances are, your property will list and list again. Your agent will want you to make expensive repairs to your property, and slash your already meager asking price by thousands of dollars. When it’s all over, you still have to pay a high commission. We understand why people want to avoid that situation.

  • We Aim to Be Flexible

    Most of the time, homeowners sell their homes because they need money urgently. We understand this and that is why we are flexible enough to help you sell your house in less than 7 days if it is urgent. When we buy your property, we will not bother you with questions on why you are selling or why you are in a hurry to sell.

We know things are tough right now, and we don’t want you to feel hopeless. Our simplified process was designed to help homeowners like you who are looking to escape from a tough situation. We’re willing to give you the cash you need to move on with your life, and take on the responsibility of the property that’s giving you so much grief.

To get started on the task of selling your Needles home, fill in our simple form on this page. We will review your house immediately and get back to you within 24 hours or less with a real cash offer.

When you accept our offer, you’re seven days or less away from having your property sold. You can reach us at anytime by phone at 951-331-3844. We look forward to providing you with the service you deserve.


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