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When you need a professional help in selling your Chino home quickly and conveniently, we have the perfect solution for you. For over 12 years, Southern California Home Buyers, has serviced  individuals and families sell off their homes, quickly and conveniently.

If you have a house in the Chino or Chino Hills area that you’re looking to sell, we’re always looking to buy. We aim to be the most convenient solution for homeowners in all situations.

Southern California Home Buyers is a family owned company that purchases all kinds of unwanted real estate. We’re interested in whatever you’re selling, and we want to make your decision to work with us the easiest decision you’ll make all year.

The Real Estate Market in Chino & Chino Hills

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Both Chino and Chino Hills have seen great market recovery, and the markets are continuing to grow. They’re rated very high in health – in fact, they’re the highest rated markets in their immediate area.

Foreclosures are at half the national average, with only one in every 10,000 homes experiencing foreclosure. Negative equity is a thing of the past, and homeowners have a lot of reason to feel good about the security of the market.

The average Chino home is valued at around $450,000. The average Chino hills property can command a larger sum closer to $630,000. For the most part, sellers are getting exactly what they asked for.

Between 12 and 13% of buyers wind up selling at a price cut, but this usually isn’t damaging – many homeowners in the area list homes for much more than what they’re worth, so the price cut usually leaves them with a sum similar to what market value would have been.


What to Expect When You’re Selling in Chino & Chino Hills

The only issue that homeowners in Chino and Chino Hills might experience are a result of the market temperatures. They’re both close to neutral territory, which means neither the buyer nor the sellers have an advantage. They’re equally balanced. This might seem fair to everyone on the surface, but it can create some issues with market competition.

When the buyers have the advantage, homeowners usually wind up selling for a lot less than they thought they would. When the sellers have the advantage, homes command top dollar. When things are neutral, no one has to move. This can make negotiations take a lot time, because no one in the situation is feeling especially desperate.

Offers and counter offers tend to fly back and forth. This can go on for months. If a potential buyer doesn’t like the asking price, they’ll simply find another home in the area until they find a seller who is willing to work with their budget. This stalemate can become frustrating for everyone involved.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to help So Cal homeowners just like you. We have helped hundreds of families make the sale of their homes a fast, easy, and painless process.

We will take the headache out of the process. We know you’re stressed out enough already. If you like the offer we make on your home, accept it! Let us use our experience to your advantage. Contact us today to get started!