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A Guaranteed Solution for Selling Big Bear Real Estate

The process of selling your home can be an outright scary process for many homeowner in the Big Bear. There are many decisions that need to be made right the first time or they can cost you.

Thankfully, you have found Southern California Home Buyers the premiere real estate investment company that has over 12 years helping homeowners sell real estate quickly. If you own a home in Big Bear that you need to sell, contact us today at: 951-331-3844 for a no obligation cash offer on your home.

We're a family operated real estate investment company, we have been helping home owners like yourself for over 10 years and we aim to help you with whatever problem or stress you may be currently facing.

Unlike most other house buying websites, when you work with us, we keep things straightforward, professional and easy for you. We’ll make the process to selling your property an easy and smooth transaction.

Located Near You

Giant real estate investment companies buy up properties all over the country. You may never even meet with these companies in person.

Southern California Home Buyers doesn't operate this way. We are located in Murrieta, so we will ALWAYS prefer to come out, inspect your property and meet with you in person.

We’re about 2 hours away from Big Bear, right down I-215 S. We’re primarily interested in homes located in Southern California, and we’re happy to meet you in person.

We can go to you, or you can come to us. We want to work with you directly when we make a deal.

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How Can We Help You Sell Your Home in Big Bear?

We Buy a Wide-Range of Houses

We buy single family, multifamily, condos, townhomes, mobile, and even commercial structures. We also buy properties that are in desperate need of repair. If you’re a burned out landlord who can’t wait to get rid of your tenants, we’ll also be eager to purchase your rental. Some home investment companies are picky about what they will and won’t take. We aren’t.

We Keep it Easy

If you want to sell your property fast and don’t have the time or patience to work with a Realtor, consider working with us. A Realtor can easily take months to market and sell your house, and as investors, we can purchase your home right away. We’ve got our own funding, and we don’t need to wait for bank approval to buy your home. It’s a faster process, and we can handle the bulk of the hard work.

We'll Buy Regardless of Why You're Selling

Foreclosure, inherited property, unemployment, relocation, divorce, bad tenants, short-sale are all common reasons people need to sell their houses. We can help in all of these instances. We know how to help homeowners work with lenders to create mutually beneficial situations. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of all kinds of dire situations that may lead distressed property owners to sell, and we’re willing to use our expertise to your advantage.

Sell for Cash 7 Days or Less

We know homeowners hate waiting out a long, drawn out sale process. So do we. We want to give homeowners cash, and close the deal in seven days. If you need to move quicker, we might able to move the process through even sooner. If you need more time before escrow closes, that’s no big deal. We’re can work with your time-frame, whether it’s shorter or longer.

Sell a Home Fast in Big Bear Has Never Been this Easy!

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We welcome you to read our client testimonials. We’re very proud of what homeowners who have worked with us have to say about our quick, simple sale process. We don’t want property owners to deal with foreclosure, and we know how to help them stop the process.

Our experience means nothing if we can’t use it to help you, and we’re always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you feel comfortable selling to us. Call us at 951-331-3844 to learn what we can do to aid your situation.


We respect your email privacy

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