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Need to Sell a Home in Barstow Sooner than Later?

If you have a home that you need to need to sell quickly, you may be at a loss as to which way to turn. Regardless of your reasons for selling your Barstow home, you can depend on SoCal Home Buyers to give you quick, professional service.

We are the most trusted real estate investment company in Southern California. We have 12 years of experience in helping homeowners who wish to make a quick and fair sale without any hassle & very minimal effort required on the part of sellers.

We buy homes all over the Southern California & the surrounding San Bernardino County area. If you have a property in Barstow that you’re eager to sell, we’d love to speak with you about buying it.

We are a local, family owned company in So Cal and have been purchasing real estate for over 10 years We've worked with over 300 sellers & would love to help you unload real estate that may be causing stress for you.

We’ve purchased property in all conditions, under a wide variety of scenarios & circumstances. We've seen it all and have the the cash to buy your property in "as-is" condition in just a few days time.

We Buy Locally

Some national property investment companies purchase properties all over the place. You’ll never get to meet these people face to face, and they want to deal over the phone. Not us.

Our main office is located in Murrieta, CA and we’d love to speak with you.

We’re about an hour and 45 minutes away from Barstow, via I-15 S and I-215 S, heading toward San Diego. We can travel anywhere in the SoCal area, whenever you need us.

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Why Sell Your Barstow Home to our Company?

We Don't Just Buy Traditional Homes

We’re interested in purchasing more than just single and multi-family properties. We also purchase mobile homes, commercial properties, condos and manufactured homes. There isn’t much we aren’t willing to buy. Call us today at 951-331-3844 if you have an unconventional property.

We Buy Barstow Houses No Matter Condition

It doesn’t matter if the house you have is old or new. Whether your property needs a lot of work or is in perfect condition, we’re still looking to buy. We purchase properties “as-is”, and even if the house is in need of extensive repairs, we won’t put be put off. We dont ask that you spend your own money fixing up the property – we’ve already planned to do it all ourselves.

We’re Direct House Buyers

We aren’t an individual or a family looking to make a conventional offer on a property that’s move-in ready. We are seasoned professionals in real estate investment, and we buy without red tape. There’s never any commissions or fees to pay, and we know how to make the process go quickly, smoothly, and painlessly. If you’re looking to avoid the hang-ups of the market, we’re the kind of buyer you need.

We Can Be Your Best Solution

Are you pressed for time? Are you having trouble finding a buyer using the traditional route? You have nothing to worry about when you work with us. We’re proud to have created a sale process that eliminates all of the stress from the property owner. You contact us, you get an offer, you accept that offer, and everything else is smooth sailing.

We Can Buy No Matter Your Situation

Some people sell houses because they’re so damaged that they just don’t want to deal with them anymore. Other homeowners are facing foreclosure, or looking to get out of a negative equity situation. We’re prepared to help you handle things like short sales, or awful tenants taking up space in a rental property you own. We’ve seen it all, and we already have strategies to help the process move along smoothly.

We Close Fast

We can buy your house in a week or less. In fact, we’d prefer to move that quickly. Some homeowners in urgent situations need to sell much faster, and we may be able to accommodate those requests. If you still need time to move, we’re patient. We can work with your personal time frame. We want to be your ideal solution for a quick and painless transaction.

Why Wait Weeks When You Can Sell Your Barstow Home Today?

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We’re proud of the wonderful testimonials we’ve received. When you sell to us, we guarantee your satisfaction from beginning to end. Complete the form you see here & we'll get to work. Like our offer? Consider your property sold!

If you would like to sell your Barstow house in a fast and reliable way, let Southern California Home Buyers be your first choice. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to answer your questions and help you out – even if you’re in a tough spot with your property. Give us a call today at 951-331-3844 and see what we can do for you!


We respect your email privacy

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