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If you have a home that you need to need to sell quickly, you may be at a loss as to which way to turn. Regardless of your reasons for selling your Barstow home, you can depend on SoCal Home Buyers to give you quick, professional service.

We buy homes all over the Southern California area. If you have a property in Barstow that you’re eager to sell, we’d love to speak with you about buying it. We are a local, family owned company in So Cal and have been purchasing real estate for over 10 years.

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Barstows Real Estate Market 

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Barstow home values fell significantly in the collapse. While the home value averages where already modest, they dropped even further.

The former high sat at over $180,000, taking a sharp plunge down to a meager $80,000 at the height of the real estate collapse. Current estimated value averages typically sit around $120,000, a far cry from where they were previously.

Growth is happening, but it’s very slow. Small percentages over longer periods of time mean that it could take decades for home values to reach their previous highs, and many homeowners will find that it’s not worth holding their breaths.

The Troubling Situations Homes Owners Face in Barstow, CA

Barstow’s market is barely stable. Buyers have a significant advantage, because there aren’t very many of them. This leads 17% of Barstow homeowners to sell at a price cut, which is especially painful when the values of their properties have already sunk so low.

The foreclosure epidemic in Barstow is troubling. Nationally, one in every 5,000 homes will see a foreclosure. Barstow, three in every 5,000 will meet that fate. Not only is foreclosure triple the national average, so is negative equity. While most areas of Southern California have dealt with and moved past negative equity situation, Barstow is still disproportionately affected.

If you’re a distressed homeowner in Barstow, you still have options. If you’re in a negative equity situation, your lender will likely allow you to arrange a short sale. They’re likely looking to dissolve the rest of their negative equity home loans. The same goes for foreclosure, which is an expensive process for lenders to pursue. If you’re in foreclosure, you can sell your house up until the day the foreclosure auction is scheduled to take place.

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