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Lots of families can see themselves happy and thriving, nestled in a home somewhere near the San Bernardino Mountains. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, you may think it’s easy to sell your house and move on to the next venture of your life. Some properties practically sell themselves, but others may require special considerations before the right buyer can be located.

Current Property Values in San Bernardino County

San Bernardino is very straightforward when it comes to property values. The market is predictable in this county, and there isn’t a lot of disparity between property values.

No matter the neighborhood you live in, you can expect your house’s value to fall somewhere between the $200,000s and the low $300,000s if your property is modernized and well maintained.

San Bernardino County is a little quieter than surrounding counties, offering up some more nature and a lot of family-centered communities. This is, in fact, what a lot of buyers are looking for.

The only issue with these types of properties is that they aren’t all that uncommon. There are similar properties all over the place, and buyers are likely to pick the best house that fulfills their needs within a similar price point.

The variety of properties in San Bernardino is exceedingly limited, which causes most properties to command a similar value. If you find that your property doesn’t come close to these averages, this could be a sign that something is wrong.

An Overview of San Bernardino's Current Real Estate Market if You're Thinking About Selling

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, you may think it’s easy to sell your home fast in San Bernardino county and move on to the next venture of your life. Some homes practically sell themselves, but others may require special considerations before the right buyer can be located.

Homes near Midtown, Colton, and Baseline might be the hardest to sell. These are considered bad neighborhoods, which makes for lower property values. The market in San Bernardino is slightly warmer than the market in surrounding counties, mostly because the style of living is at a slightly more leisurely pace. Home values have grown and will continue to grow, which is a surefire sign of market stability.

Though somewhere near 15% of homes will eventually sell at a price cut, with a small percentage of homes selling below their previous sale price, homes are still moving. If your property is desirable, you can expect it to sell anywhere between 3 to 5 months after listing.

In a market that’s slightly above average health, things are running in a predictable way. If you’ve already listed and have not yet found a buyer, or your home has seen a series of price cuts without receiving any meaningful offers, this is a bad sign.

What if You're Having Trouble Selling Your San Bernardino Home?

Great properties are going to sell fast and a lack of interest could signify that your home simply isn’t what buyers are looking for. If your home isn’t selling fast, that’s bad news. You might need a lot of repairs, or your home may be a lot more dated than similar homes in the area.

The first problem is thinking that you can’t sell. Every home can sell – it will just depend on the buyer & whether you decide to list it or not. Damaged homes are going to be hard if not impossible to sell to regular buyers. They will require substantial investments on your part to bring them up to market value, which could end up in a loss for you if the sale value doesn't exceed the amount of money you put in.

Properties in difficult situations like this may be hard to sell on the real estate market, but they aren’t hard to sell to an investment company like us. If you can’t afford repairs and you feel like you’ve been waiting too long, we’ll be able to offer you a fair & fast cash offer for your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a bad neighborhood or if it’s in awful shape. We’ve seen it all & we buy it all so you will be able to rely on us for a guaranteed sale without any trouble or hassle.

Why Choose an Investor to Sell Your Home to?

As Real Estate Investors we buy houses fast for cash because we aren't concerned about the condition of your property, how out of date it may be, or the area it’s located.

Bad neighborhoods, water or fire damage, leaking roofs and kitchens won’t dissuade us from purchasing your property. Unlike a traditional sale, we'll relieve you of the stress of having to upgrade or repair the property yourself.

Our goal is to create a 'win-win' situation with you. We'll buy your house, pay you cash and relieve you of the burden. Our offer will vary, but will be based on comps of your local area as well as our estimated rehabilitation costs.

This means the responsibility of updating the property, handling code violations, tenants or squatters no longer falls on you. You don’t have to spend any additional costs on the property - potentially losing money in doing so - making your property market-ready.


No Matter Your Location in San Bernardino, We Can Help!

We are not particular when it comes to buying houses in San Bernardino County. If you’re in or around the following communities we will gladly buy your home from you:

We'll Make the Sale of Your San Bernardino County House Painless

"Everything was done on time. I'm very, very glad we got a hold of you Doug. I appreciate everything you did. You were really on time and really on top of things."

Anita S., San Bernardino, CA

No Matter Your Reason for Selling Your San Bernardino Home We Can Help You

  • Divorce?

    The question of what to do with your property when facing divorce is a major issue. Selling the house is in many cases one of the best options for both parties. If you need to sell because of divorce we can help.

  • Foreclosure?

    If you’re faced with foreclosure we can help you avoid damage to your credit. Speak with us immediately – every second counts when faced with foreclosure. Contact us at: 951-331-3844

  • Inherited Property?

    If you have inherited a house you don’t want, from a family member but aren’t looking to keep it or maintain it we can take it off your hands. Enter your information in the short form below and we will call you to discuss the sale with you.

  • Relocation?

    If you need to relocate from your current area and don’t have time to list, we can buy your  fast so you can focus on moving. Contact us today by submitting your property’s details in the form below to get started.

  • Bad Tenants?

    Bad tenants are a landlords worst nightmare. We will buy your rental home AND take the bad tenants with us. Fast, simple and stress-free for you. Contact us today for more details: 951-331-3844

  • Need repairs?

    If your property is in need of major repair work that you don’t have time or the finances to fix, sell it to us. We can buy it for a fair price without you needing to do anything.

"I was very satisfied with how you handled the details of the house. My questions were thoroughly answered and your team was a big help. I was very satisfied with the price I received. I really thought it was going to be a lot of work."

Diane K., Apple Valley, CA

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To request an offer, simply fill out the form on this page. Within 24 hours a member from our team will call you back to gather some additional information. This will allow us to run comps on your residence and estimate what we'll be able to pay you.

To give you the most accurate cash offer, we prefer to schedule a viewing of your property with our inspector, Gavino. Please feel free to call us directly at 951-331-3844 Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm PST to learn more.


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