Need to Sell a Home in Blythe, CA?

Let Us Make an Offer on Your Blythe, CA Home You Will Love

If you are in the market to sell your Blythe home and want to get a buyer fast, you are definitely in the right place. We are Southern California Home Buyers (SCHB), your local professional and friendly real estate investment company with over 10 years experience purchasing homes from So. Cal. sellers.

We're Local

Conveniently located in Murrieta, CA, our office serves the entire So. Cal. area, providing homeowners the opportunity to sell their homes for cash or buying on terms. Whichever works best for you, our team will work tirelessly to buy your home and help you with your real estate and or financial problems.

We'll Buy Any Home

It doesn't matter the type of home you own. We buy new homes, old homes, mobile homes, condos, multi-family homes, commercial projects, or land. Call us today at 951-331-3844 and speak with one of our friendly team members to see if your home does qualify for our simplified home buying process.

We'll Buy Any Condition

Regardless if your home needs serious repair or is weathered and run down, we can help buy your home without you having to come up with the money to make those repairs. We actively buy homes as-is, and we will gladly take that home off your hands you no longer want to invest any of your money into.

We're Investors

Our company invests in homes, and we can transform the look of your home and make it look beautiful again. We can make you a serious competitive offer on the home that is in line with it's current fair market value.

We're Here to Help Even if Realtors Can't

Forget about all that time needed to list your home with a local realtor, we can speed up the selling process. Forget all about those high realtor commissions and fees, you keep 100% of the money we offer you for your home.

We Buy and Close Quickly

If time is an issue, we can buy your home in as little as 7 days so that you can close the books on the purchase and move on from there.

We Buy Homes Regardless Why You're Selling

We will buy you home regardless if you are facing foreclosure, facing financial hardship, or want to sell an inheritance. Get back on your feet with the money we pay you for your home, moving on with your life and restoring your valuable credit.

We Can Close in Less than 7 Days

If you need to sell in a hurry, we can make this deal happen in 7 days or less. We have the connections and flexibility to close when you need. We have the ability to tailor your home closing to match your schedule and your unique situation.

We Pay You in Cash

Once you agree to the cash offer we make on your home, the entire process is made simple for you. Just review the paperwork and fill out the information needed so we can get you your money fast. Once completed, we open an escrow account for you and then close on the house so you can get your money quickly.

We Offer Guaranteed Satisfaction

We have hundreds of home sellers in the So. Cal. area that have experienced and enjoyed our simple home buying process. When you sell your Blythe home to us, we promise to make this one of the easiest transactions you will make all year. We will eliminate the stress that comes with selling a home, allowing you to move on more easily. If you are interested in selling your home faster than you have imagined, to get started all you need to do is fill out the short application form on this page and we will review the property within 24 hours. Once we have reviewed your completed application, we will contact you so that we can discuss the details of your property and present you with an offer that's right for you. If you have any questions, our friendly team members are available at 951-331-3844 to help you get answers you need.

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