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Riverside County is beautiful and proud. It offers a great blend of all the things that California is known for, all spread across a spacious 7,303 square mile area. Most people would be delighted to live in Riverside, and this usually makes real estate transactions a breeze for many areas of the county.

While things are mostly looking up, Riverside is subject to some unique real estate conditions that make some homes a little more challenging to sell than their similar counterparts.

Riverside County's Current Real Estate Market Values

Riverside County is home to some very distinct neighborhoods, and because of this, it has some clear high, middle, and low average values. While the median value for all homes in the county sits at $336,000, the numbers that create this average are all over the board.

Casablanca sets the foundation for the lower end, and Alessandro Heights’ high value properties hold up the steeper end. The majority of families who move to Riverside County from other counties are doing so because they find the higher-end homes to be reasonably priced for the area.

Neighborhoods like Hawarden Hills and Alessandro Heights see a lot of buyers who are looking to move away from the bustle of Los Angeles County without leaving Southern California. These are most likely your typical luxury homes in exclusive communities, which causes them to command such a high value. With these properties in the county, the lingering effects take hold on properties that would be deemed average.

High value homes in an area boost the surrounding homes, and homes that aren’t well maintained tend to fall even further in value – especially since buyers know there are better properties in the area. Homes that aren’t desirable tend to see a series of price cuts before they eventually sell, making the final sum substantially less than full market value.

A Quick Overview of Riversides Real Estate Market if You Need to Sell a House

Riverside was hit hard in the real estate collapse, but the recovery has been great. Property values have been steadily growing, and will continue growing. Though Riverside’s market health is spectacular, this doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. About 15% of homes sell at a price cut, and 8% of homes sell for less than their previous sale price. This means everything is selling, it just isn’t selling in the way most homeowners may expect.

Buyers are looking at higher value homes in Riverside, because the prices are great when compared to surrounding counties. This is the largest real estate draw, and it makes up the backbone of the market’s health. Most of these properties sell within 90 days, which is a very reasonable time frame.

Having to relist or watching the seasons change on your listing are both bad signs in Riverside. Great properties are moving, and if yours isn’t, your home may not be what buyers are looking for. This can be because your home needs repairs. Other factors, such as a home in a bad location, may be more difficult to work around.

What if You Can’t Sell Your Home in Riverside County?

The first thing you should do is research the reasons why buyers aren’t interested. Your price might be too high for your property, especially if it needs work. If you have an extra chunk of change you can afford to spend on making repairs, this might move things along.

If your property is in especially bad shape, or even run down, you might want to think twice about your decision to repair the home. These repairs will get expensive, running up a tab of tens of thousands of dollars. If you don't have the finances and you don’t have the time to wait, this option won't work. Sometimes, repairs cost more than the value they’ll add to your home. This isn’t a great investment on your part if you won’t see a return.

If your home is in a particularly bad area this may also be affecting the sale. Hemet, Desert Hot Springs, Palm Desert, San Jacinto, and La Quinta are known for high crime rates. A lot of buyers with children avoid these areas, preferring safer neighborhoods. You can’t change your whole neighborhood, so if you need to sell your house fast in Riverside, using a home investor may be the answer you need to unload the property.

Why Sell Your Home to a Real Estate Investor?

As Home Investors we buy homes from sellers that own real estate that's difficult to sell on the market, or that's causing some sort of emotional pain or stress.

If your home needs lots of repairs it will be tough to find a traditional buyer willing to take on the financial burden.  For us, difficult situations like this aren't a problem.

Since we're cash-buyers we are also able to buy your house fast, so you can remove the burden from your life, cash out & move on. We’re a team of Real Estate Professionals who've been buying houses from Riverside County Home owners and the Inland Empire for over 10 years.

All you need to do is contact us with information about the property you’re looking to sell, and we’ll be able to make you an all cash offer. Dealing with a property that’s hard to sell can be a nightmare, and we know that. We can help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.


We Buy Real Estate No Matter the Location in Riverside County

No matter where you're located we may be able to help you out if you're finding yourself in a difficult situation. If you're located in any one of these locations, contact us today!

We Guarantee to Make the Sale of Your Riverside Home Painless

  • Easy Escrow Process

    We work with Fidelity Title & Escrow. When we come to an agreement on a purchase price, our escrow company will contact you & provide you with the proper escrow documents to sign & complete the closing process.

  • Clear Terms

    Our terms are made clear from the beginning. There are no hidden fee’s, charges or fine print. The price we agree on is the price we pay. You will be informed & your questions will be answered 100% of the way. Our staff and escrow office is here to help make this a smooth & easy process for you.

  • Simple Solution

    Whether you own a rental, live out of state, have inherited a house or just need to unload a property you have quickly, we are a great solution. Our fast and easy buying process has already helped over 300+ individuals and families all over Southern California.

  • Close When You Need

    As investors we have the means to close within 7 days or whenever is best for you. Unlike a traditional sale, you wont go through a long closing process. We can speed up the process if needed so you can move on with life.

  • We Handle All Paperwork

    We will provide you with the Legal Agreement documents for the property. You won’t be required to pay for the paperwork. We will cover all costs and have it provided at your convenience. Simply review, sign & return the paperwork to complete the transaction.

  • Stress Free Transaction

    We help homeowners every year who have a property that is causing some kind of stress or problem for them. You can view what other happy sellers have said about working with us by clicking here. We really do make the process painless!

"When I decided to sell my home, it was after I lost both of my parents. They had lived there since 1963. My husband and I moved in with them to help care for my mother. Doug and his entire crew were very caring and made the process seem simple. They took care of EVERYTHING and the process was done in a very short time."

Linda M., Riverside, CA

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