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  • Sell "As-Is"

    No need to make repairs, clean, or put money into the house.

  • We'll Pay Cash

    We don’t use loans. You’ll receive cash offer at close of escrow.

  • We Close Fast

    We can close in as little as 7 days or when you need.

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How Does it Work?

There's Just 3 Simple Steps to Get Started!

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"Doug, Thank you again for your working with us on the Robinson Property. It was a great experience from start to finish. The whole process from start to finish exceeded my expectations."

Greg B., Riverside, CA


Why Should You Work With our Company?

As Home Investors we buy homes from sellers that own real estate that's difficult to sell on the market, or that's causing some sort of emotional pain or stress. If your home needs lots of repairs it will be tough to find a traditional buyer willing to take on the financial burden.

For us, difficult situations like this aren't a problem. Since we're cash-buyers we are also able to buy your house fast, so you can remove the burden from your life, cash out & move on. We’re a team of Real Estate Professionals who've been buying houses from Riverside County Home owners for over 10 years.

All you need to do is contact us with information about the property you’re looking to sell, and we’ll be able to make you an all cash offer. Dealing with a property that’s hard to sell can be a nightmare, and we know that. We can help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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"Best experience in selling a property. From agreed on price to close of escrow. Good communication with little effort from me. I highly recommend."

Laura O., Perris, CA

If the Real Estate Market Can't Help, We Can!

No Matter What Situation You're in We Can Help You Solve the Problem

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“Doug’s approach to buying is simple and straight forward. He took the hassle OUT of a monumental task. When I had questions he followed up promptly. Doug was very accommodating. He is a man of his word. It seems too good to be true… but it IS true!”

Victoria H., Canyon Lake, CA


We Guarantee to Make the Sale of Your Riverside Home Painless!

Here's What You Can Expect Working With us

  • Easy Escrow Process

    Escrow will always be in touch, provide you with the proper documents to sign & return to close the sale & receive your payment.

  • Clear Terms

    The price we agree on is the price we pay. Our staff and escrow office is here to make this a smooth & easy process for you.

  • Simple Solution

    Whether you own a rental, live out of state, inherited a house or just need to unload a property fast, we’re a great solution.

  • Close When You Need

    You wont go through a long, drawn-out closing process. We can speed up the process if needed, so you can move on with life.

  • Paper Work is Simple

    The seller agreement we provide isn’t long or complicated. Simply review, sign & return the paperwork to complete the transaction.

  • Stress Free Transaction

    We help homeowners every year sell stressful real estate. View what other happy sellers have said about us by clicking here.

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"The whole experience was FANTASTIC! My parents would be so happy also! Thanks for your kindness at a difficult time!"

Sherrie C., Corona, CA

Request an Offer on Your Riverside House Now

To get an offer on the house you need to sell simply fill out the form you see here. We will research your property & call you back to discuss the sale of your house.

You can also call us directly at 951-331-3844 to speak with us now and learn more about us and our buying process.

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CEO | Doug Van Soest | SCHB


Riverside County is subject to some unique real estate conditions that make some homes challenging to sell. If you haven't been able to sell your home, you may want to consider what's happening in the market right now.

Here's What Riverside County's Current Real Estate Market Looks like

Property values are steadily growing, and will continue to grow. Though Riverside’s market health is spectacular, this doesn’t mean everything's perfect.

15% of homes are selling at a price cut, and 8% of homes sell for less than their previous sale price. This means everything is selling, it just isn’t selling how most homeowners may want.

Buyers are looking at higher value homes in Riverside, because the prices are great. Most of these properties sell within 90 days, which is a very reasonable time frame.

If you're having to relist on your listing; this is a bad sign. Great properties are moving, and if yours isn’t, your home may not be what buyers are looking for.

Can You Afford Repairs & Upgrades?

If your property is in bad shape, you might want to think twice about putting money into the home. These repairs will get expensive. Repairs can cost more than the value they’ll add.

If your home is in a bad area, this will also affect the sale. You can’t change your neighborhood, so if you need to sell your house fast in Riverside, using a home investor may be the best option worth looking into.

Is your House Robbing You of Peace of Mind?

Is your home costing you your Peace of mind? Do you really want to maintain & manage it? Is it causing problems between you and your siblings? Does it need money you can't afford to put into it? The longer the house sits, things will only get worse. It doesn't have to be that way. By deciding to sell it now, you've taken the first step to changing your life & removing that weight from your shoulders.


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