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Need to sell your Los Angeles County home?

If people are interested in your home, you’ve probably heard from them already. If your property is something of a tough sell, there may be a few things you need to consider.

If your home isn’t selling in Los Angeles, that’s a bad sign – particularly if you aren’t getting the interest you expected. The market is healthy, but very competitive. People in Los Angeles are spending a lot of money on homes, and they want to spend wisely.

If you aren’t getting offers, this is likely a sign that buyers don’t believe your property stacks up against properties that are priced similarly. Buyers have gone elsewhere to make an investment they feel is more worthwhile. It’s time to consider why your property isn’t drawing in the crowds.

The most common scenario is that your home is in need of work. You either have repairs to make, or the design is outdated. Buyers in Los Angeles have a strong preference for modern homes, and renovating a home is expensive – especially if it hasn’t been renovated in a very long time.

Kitchens and bathrooms are among the most important areas to renovate, as they contain a host of features and fixtures that set an overall tone for the room. Bedrooms and living rooms are often blank slates, but buyers want to see a kitchen or a bathroom that’s already put together.

Realistically, most renovation processes cost tens of thousands of dollars. In Los Angeles, it’s not at all uncommon for a homeowner to spend nearly $100,000 on a kitchen alone. If your property needs a lot of work done to fit the discerning taste of L.A. buyers, you may consider doing it.

The only problem you may face is that the cost of the renovations doesn’t offer any return on your investment, and you walk away from the sale of your home with debt. This is more common than you may realize.

If you’re looking to avoid the whole ordeal, you might want to give some serious thought to working with a home investor.

Why choose a real estate investor?

Real estate investors are open to buying any type of real estate regardless of it's condition, location or your personal reason for selling

If you don’t want to do the work or spend the money making the necessary repairs or renovations, you can always sell your home to an investor.

Home investment companies are eager to do the work for you, and the offer they make will be less the cost of the work your home needs. Investors will be able to explain to you how they came to the offer they’ve proposed, and what they intend to do with your home once they purchase it.

If you need to sell quickly and you don’t have the time or resources, an investor won’t let you down. SoCal home investors would love to help you sell your home in a timely manner.

All you need to do is contact us with a few details about your property and the sale timeframe you’d like to work with, and we’ll be able to prepare you a quick cash offer on your Los Angeles property.

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Average property values in Los Angeles county

Los Angeles is a fast paced city, and people know what they want. If people are actively interested in your home, you’ve probably heard from them already.

With Los Angeles properties constantly in high demand, values tend to soar on the high side. The median property value sits somewhere around $585,100, but averages change from neighborhood to neighborhood. Even the most desirable neighborhoods in Los Angeles can be drastically different when it comes to real estate price points.

The heart of Los Angeles is designed to promote a luxurious lifestyle, and the properties were built to match. If you live on the outskirts of Los Angeles or just outside of the city, you may not be able to fetch a similar sum for your property.

While luxury homes tend to increase the value of the homes in the area, if your home is drastically different and removed from the active part of town, you’ll find that your property is something of an outlier. The same goes for properties that are in bad condition. Great properties fetch high values because they’re so desirable.

They’re modern and in an excellent state of repair. These are exactly the kind of homes that Los Angeles buyers are looking for, and they’re willing to pay a premium for an ideal home.

If your home is worse for wear or in a bad neighborhood, the value may be significantly lower.

The current market trend in Los Angeles county

If you find that your property is something of a tough sell, there may be a few things you need to consider.

Los Angeles is almost always a neutral market. It has mostly recovered from the last collapse, and values have stabilized significantly. People often want these properties, but are unwilling to pay full value for them, due to their staggering price tags.

Not everyone can feasibly afford to mortgage a home in Los Angeles, and because of that, it generally takes about 90 days for a home to sell to the right buyer.

About 14% of listings sell at a price cut, which is to be expected in the sale of most high value homes. Only 5% of homes are selling for below their previous sale price, which is a good indicator that the market will remain stable for a prolonged period of time.

Most homeowners in Los Angeles will find the right buyer in a reasonable period of time. If you’ve been waiting around for a while, it might be time to take a different approach to the sale of your home.

Los Angeles County Market Overview

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