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If you’re a landlord, you understand the headaches that come with the job.

Whether you’re completely over all of your properties or just a few of them, you can certainly feel the pressing urge to sell your rental properties.

Being a landlord is hard work.

And if your heart just isn’t in it anymore, it becomes an unbearable burden.

We’ve been landlords for 8 years and have faced some of the most challenging people and situations.. We understand.

In this article we are going to be covering:

1. How to deal with stressful tenants when you want to sell
2. Fixing the biggest issues your property has BEFORE you sell
3. How to MAXIMIZE the value of your property
4. Determining your asking price for the best possible return on your home
5. How to decide the best route to take to sell the property
6. What you need to know about taxes after a successful sale

You can throw your hands up and beg for help, or you can take action.

If you’re looking to get rid of multiple properties, taking a professional attitude towards your situation will help you. You can develop meaningful relationships with individuals or companies who are willing to buy up everything.

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it the right way.

You’ll get the best return on your investment, and preparing your properties will make investors eager to purchase them.

When all is said and done, you’ll be able to rest easy.

Dealing With Tenants that Are Stressing You Out

Getting Bad Tenants out of Your Home

If the property you’re looking to get rid of is currently occupied by tenants, the game changes.

If the tenants are especially difficult, you'll have to work hard to make sure the sale of your property goes as smoothly as possible.

You’ll want to prevent damage being done to your property, and do all you can to avoid a complicated eviction process.

The method you choose should depend on how you believe your tenants will best respond.

You’ll need to take the right attitude to avoid things escalating into something much worse.

Review your lease and the terms to see if you have grounds for eviction due to their violations.

You’ll need to be firm enough without being overbearing.

Difficult tenants may respond better to “cash for keys” motivation.

Always save complicated legal processes for when they’re absolutely necessary

Also keep in mind that some Real Estate Investors are also able to save you the hassle of any of the above by taking on the responsibility of your tenants when purchasing your home.

In other words, they'll buy you outright - tenants included.

If you're located in Southern California this is a service we can provide you with no hassle.

You can learn more by calling us directly at 951-331-3844

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Fixing the Biggest Issues Your Property Has

Fixing Major Problems to Your Rental Property

If things are wrecked, you may have a hard time finding someone else who’s willing to deal with the mess.

Things like bad roofs and shoddy plumbing can be very off-putting to some investors or property flippers.

Investors are often willing to purchase fixer-uppers, but there are some that won’t go near properties that are ransacked.

If they do, they won’t be willing to give you nearly enough to cover your investment. You have a lot to lose.

In times of desperation, it may seem like a relief to take a rock-bottom offer and just move on, but you can get much more.

First, take an inventory of the big things that need to be done, and come up with a budget for serious repairs.

Walking away tired is one thing, but walking away tired and broke is an entirely different ballgame.